A little distraction

A little distraction is a consultancy helping companies on technical leadership, software architecture, and team management.

We have strong experience in product development process, systems design, and management. We can help you define technical strategy, set up and improve processes, and build quality and maintainable software.

Our experience focuses on product and technology companies who see software engineering as a crucial part of their business advantage.

We believe delivering technology products involves so much more than software. It works best when it’s a cross-functional effort by a team of motivated, autonomous, and empowered people. Our services will help your team reach that potential.

What we provide

Here are some examples of services and support we can provide. If what you need is not listed here, let’s have a chat!


Process and delivery

People and teams

How we work

We work closely with you and your teams to identify areas for improvement and coaching. Working in an organized and clear way, you’ll have visibility both in our process and our outcomes.

First step is to assess current areas for improvement and agree with you on what should be our focus. One way of doing that is to define a separate contract to perform due diligence first, evaluate areas for improvement and use that as a check-in point to decide whether we are a good fit for each other.

Once we start, we’ll provide regular feedback and reports in a format that works for you. You’re also encouraged to provide feedback on our process and results. We can and should adapt our plans based on that.

We work by supporting and coaching you and your teams, in working groups or one-on-one mentorship. Our approach is to provide a set of frameworks, guidelines, processes, and tools that your team can take over and evolve. They will then be able to use those to solve the new and interesting problems that will surely come up as your business evolves.

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